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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I just HAD to tell you the exciting news I found out tonight. Mike and I walked to the grocery store tonight for some foodstuffs (boring) and on our way out Mike was looking at the coupons on the back of the receipt. I think he thought one was for a music store (he has been driving me CRAAAAZY about buying a new guitar) so he was looking at all of them and noticed that one of them was for 15% off at the Knit Wit Studio in Fergus! He gasped and I thought to myself "oh boy, what has he found now" and then my eyes rolled back into my head, but he said "LOOK!" and I did and boy oh boy. I felt giddy. I had fortunately left other receipts from previous visits in our cloth bag and I found that I have a second coupon as well! So the 'Chop will be getting more of my business these days and I'll be going to Fergus more often (after Lent, of course :)).

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Yarn Ate my Cat

cat eating yarn
Can you believe the size of this ball of yarn?? Lisa bought it to make that stocking at Christmas and has passed it on to me to make a stocking for the younger brother of Lisa's recipient. It's as big as my Cleo!
dads mitts
Here also is a picture of the mittens for my Dad, artfully modelled by Mike. They're a little short for Mike, but I think they will fit my Dad just right.
Not much else to talk about in these parts. Knitting knights was tonight, which was fun as usual. Now that we have started including wine in the evenings, things have really perked up!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Results are In!

I have worn both my felted hat and mitts since the last time we spoke and I feel that their performance is more than adequate. The hat sucks my will to live if I wear it with a pony tail, but if my hair is down, everything is o.k. The mittens have also taken several trips to the grocery store with wonderful results.
I finished the mittens for my dad and they turned out just fine. They are not perfect, but they should keep out the cold. Unfortunately they weren't done in time for his birthday, but they are done in time for there to still be some winter left for him to wear them in. How awkward was that sentence?
Today was a day full of adventures! It started before 7, making pancakes for Mike before he went to work and has ended by making supper for Mike for when he got home from work. And in between I hardly had time to think of him at all! 5 loads of laundry, tobogganing, hot chocolate, and Lens! Lisa was here visiting and we went tobogganing with our Friends Craig and Jan and their boys. It's so nice having friends that have kids so that we can use them as an excuse to do stuff like that!
I decided that I have given up buying yarn for lent. Except that I'm already planning on breaking that to knit an Easter purse from Briggs and Little. Currently I'm working on the Marsupial tote from SnB using some Lopi. I haven't decided whether I'm going to keep it or send it to my sil in Spain. We'll see how it turns out. I am not at all worried about running out of projects before lent. I still have 2 sweaters, Mike's fingerless mittens, some socks, more mittens, and lots of other yarn with no fixed project left.
I'm watching Anchorman right now. Do you want to go to a pants party?