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Sunday, October 31, 2004


The top 10 ways to have a spooktacular weekend:

10. Visit your best friend from high school and have just as much fun as you did back then.
9. Have your afternoon appointment on Saturday cancelled on Saturday morning giving you a surprise half day off!
8. Leave the house on Saturday morning in a t-shirt and not be cold, even though it's the end of October.
7. Go for lunch with your mother and younger sister in Waterloo and have the most delicious roast beef sandwich ever.
6. Buy the nicest pumpkin you've ever seen and only pay $2!
5. Spend some time at a nursery where everything is very cheap, with your husband who is actually not impatient (for once in his life - it was his idea to go!)
4. Buy some forsythia bushes that will give you privacy from your less-than-desirable neighbours.
3. Go to Toronto to visit your dear friends Richard and Lisa and have a delicious supper, watch Mean Girls (which was surprisingly funny!), and be treated to the best B&B breakfast you've ever had.
2. Spend the day with Lisa going to Lettuce Knit, Romni Wools, and Second Cup (to regroup after the wonder of Romni). Buy the most beautiful Fleece Artist Roving you've ever seen!
1. Watch The Princess Bride with your husband and two kippies while giving out candy to the little goblins and goblinettes!

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

jack sprat thrummed mittens

I can't figure out how to post two pictures at once!!

It's not a fire, the walls are orange

I am just here au jour d'hui to post a couple of pictures. I have some serious knittin' to do this evening. The scarf I have been working on is actually turning out better than expected. I find that as long as I count each stitch on each row, I end up with the correct number of stitches. It's just like magic. I didn't bother to rotate the picture, the scarf does not (contrary to what the picture looks like) defy gravity. I also took a picture of my finished thrummed mitten in the lovely fall leaves and sunshine today. Unfortunately, now that I look at the picture one of them seems fat and short while the other looks like a weapon, it's so pointy. They are actually quite symmetrical in real life. Honest.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Knitting Knight

Last night was knitting night with the girls. Ami and Carol come over each Tuesday and we knit and chat (sometimes there's more chatting than knitting). Ami seems to always be working on something new, a hat, socks, a cute little baby sweater, scarf, etc. She is a very prolific knitter! Up until recently Carol had been very dilligently working on the same scarf that she started in March at the knitting class we took together. This week though, she showed up with a thrummed mitten half-way done (with perfect little thrums I might add) and a black scarf with perfect stitches; no extras, no holes, perfect. I am suspicious that she has been playing us this whole time and will soon be cranking out garments like an 80 year old grandmother. We're watching you Carol.
I unfortunately had a very unproductive evening. No more wine at knitting night, that's for sure (I keep wanting to type knitting knight. We should start calling it that.) it really slowed me down. Although, it still seems to be affecting me. I started knitting this scarf that Ami pointed out to me for the birthday girl on Friday. However, I cannot seem to do it properly!! I never have the right number of stitches, even though I am sitting here in the quiet with no TV, no cats, no husband, no CBC, nothing. I fear I am not smart enough for this. I sure am stubborn enough though! I won't stop until it's done (insert maniacal laughter).

On a completely different note, I thought I should post some of the blogs I read. Someday when Lisa and I have taken over the world our blog will have a little bar at the side where we can list all of the blogs we read (ya, I know, we probably could have that now but I just haven't taken the time to figure out how). For now, here are some of them: yarn harlot (for obvious reasons if you have read her), the amateur gourmet (Lisa introduced me to this one and I got hooked on his 'survivor' challenge), Rebecca's blog (which is usually quite amusing), and of course, c's blog. That's a pretty pathetic-sized list now that I look at it, but I really should get some work done now.

Monday, October 25, 2004

I've become what I hate

Don't you really hate it when you are addicted to a blog and you wait *all* day for the person to post but they never do? I do, so I apologize for the lateness of my post. Not that anybody is actually addicted to our blog (Yet. We will take over the world someday, I'm sure of it.) but if you're my mother for example and you never get emails from me, this may be the only proof that I am still alive (I actually spoke to her last night, so she knows that I am alive, but I just used her as an example).
I made another trip to the KnitWit Studio in Fergus on Saturday to pick up some Briggs and Little wool for me to make some more thrummed items and to get some for my MIL who is also thinking of making some. I also picked up some Melody at Len's on Friday to make a hat for a special 2 year old boy. I thought I was becoming a yarn snob, only knitting with wool, but this little Melody hat is quite cute and there is enough left to make at least another hat and two pair of slippers. Can you guess what his brother is getting for his birthday?? Unfortunately the birthday was on Saturday so it will be late (as usual for me). It's like a bonus though, getting birthday presents late. Mike and I call it birthday 'Time Extended' like those car racing video games where if you are fast enough you get that voice saying 'Time Extended'. Does anybody else know what I'm talking about? I also have to make something for a friend's birthday on Friday. I think it will be something small like a nice hat or some slippers, due to my limited time allowance. Probably slippers though since I don't think she likes hats very much. Or maybe if I'm really ambitious a pair of mittens... we'll see.
I spent a little bit of time today doing searches for wool farms in my area. Boy was I surprised!! There are some interesting looking places in Orangeville, Ariss, and Elora. I think we should dedicate a few Saturdays to touring the countryside in search of wool farms. Who's in?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Pride, Prejudice, and Projects

Tonight was supposed to be my night to complete my current projects, but it hasn't turned out as well as I had hoped. I finished the second mitten last night (thumb excluded) and realized while finishing it that I hadn't decreased properly on the first mitten. If I don't sit down and do something complicated all at once I forget what I'm doing. I took apart and fixed the first mitten tonight and started doing the thumb (which started out tricky, but really isn't) but now my eyes are too heavy to finish it! I am very happy with how the hat turned out, especially the pom pom! I bet mom is sorry she said she didn't want this one. If you happen to get this hat for Christmas, please believe I made it with you and only you in mind.

I was watching the first three P&P movies this evening while knitting. There was a while when I seriously watched these movies daily, but I have managed to make it several months without looking at them. If you are not in love with Colin Firth, then you have not seen this 6 hour extravaganza! Luckily it is broken into 6-1 hour sections.

Lisa is quite correct, c's blog is awesome! I hope she doesn't find out about ours until I actually know how to knit nice stuff. Hats and mitts are useful, but they are not pretty silk sweaters!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


It certainly had gotten very chilly out there the last couple of days. The wind was so strong today I was almost blown off a roof! It's not so bad up there when it's sunny and calm, but the windyness is scary.
I am so close to finishing my thrummed mittens I can taste it. I am going to start decreasing on my second mitten and then is just the thumb to be thrummed. I think I'll try to repeat that over and over while I do the thumb, just as a challenge. Picture me sitting and kitting whispering over and over, "Thrumming the thumb, thrumming the thumb, thrumming the thumb". That's even too hard to type. I'll probably end up with a mutant thumb if I do that. This will be my first thumb attempt. I made one mitten before, but I didn't get to the thumb since the mitten was so small it would only fit Rachelle and her carnie hands. She can finish it herself if she wants it!
I also am finishing that practice hat. I'm not happy with the p2 k2 ribbing in the devine. I think I'll make another couple of hats as practice using the devine with different stitches. Maybe a k1 p1 would work better. Anyway, you can bet that there will be lots of hats for Christmas this year! That's all I really feel like making right now, is mittens and hats. They are nice little quick projects that will use up some of my stash so that I can clean up the mess I have. (Sidebar: I have decided that I need to move my sewing room and kitting stash into the basement laundry area so that I have more room and so that I don't have to dismantle my sewing table each time we have guests. I supposed I could move the guest bed into the basement laundry area but there's no window and lots of concrete down there. I could tell guests that I am acting in solidarity with Martha.) Probably after Christmas I'll feel like making something like a sweater for myself. Right now I feel like I should be making stuff for others. I live in a dream world where I think that I'll be able to whip up dozens of mittens, slippers, and hats before Christmas to give to everyone. Even though it has taken me at least a month to make one pair of mittens and that's basically all I've been working on. I need less time for working and more time for production!!

Friday, October 15, 2004

my spectacular stash

This evening after dropping Mike off at work I stopped by one of my favourite yarn stores. Len's Mill is a kind of scary, dark place full of lots of crap. But if you go wa-a-a-y back into the furthest corner of the store, you will find a bountiful collection of yarns. This description fits every Len's store I have ever visited, including Guelph, Cambridge, Brantford, and Kitchener. It's kind of scary. It is very difficult for me to go into Len's without coming out with something. For example, the stores in Cambridge and Brantford have a plethora of needles on sale. I think they are discontinued and the selection is rather poor (I just wanted to use the word plethora before), but I have found a wide variety of circular and dpns. I may never use them but I have them just in case! The Guelph store has a lot more yarn on sale than the other stores, which is bad since it's the closest one to where I live. Tonight however I made it out without anything! A while back I decided that Len's is like my own personal stash. It's all mine, really. They just keep it there for me and I can go whenever I need it (that's the catch, need, not want) to pick it up. They charge a storage fee though, but it's pretty reasonable.

My other favourite yarn store is called the Knitwit Studio in Fergus. The lady in the store is super knowledgeable and very helpful. I have seriously considered quitting my job and volunteering in her store, just to be around the yarn. She has some very beautiful, unique wools and other yarns. She will also draft patterns for stuff! I find that very intriguing. My mom gave me a book about knitting sweaters without a pattern. I haven't looked very closely at it yet, but I really like the idea of it. Knitting=Math and Math=Fun therefore, Knitting=Fun. Yaay! everybody loves math.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Hello and thank you for vising our new site. I hope you will find some amusing content if you visit our website regularly.

Right now I have two main knitting projects on the go. The first is a pair of thrummed mittens, which I am quite pleased about! (I am still learning about this 'picture adding' thing so please be patient.)

I'm also working on a practice hat using some Patons Devine and some Alafoss Lopi. I have some Manos del Uruguay that I want to make into a hat for me, but I want to try it with something similar first so I know what it's going to look like! I think Lisa is a much more proficient knittress than I am, but I'm trying!!


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