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Friday, October 15, 2004

my spectacular stash

This evening after dropping Mike off at work I stopped by one of my favourite yarn stores. Len's Mill is a kind of scary, dark place full of lots of crap. But if you go wa-a-a-y back into the furthest corner of the store, you will find a bountiful collection of yarns. This description fits every Len's store I have ever visited, including Guelph, Cambridge, Brantford, and Kitchener. It's kind of scary. It is very difficult for me to go into Len's without coming out with something. For example, the stores in Cambridge and Brantford have a plethora of needles on sale. I think they are discontinued and the selection is rather poor (I just wanted to use the word plethora before), but I have found a wide variety of circular and dpns. I may never use them but I have them just in case! The Guelph store has a lot more yarn on sale than the other stores, which is bad since it's the closest one to where I live. Tonight however I made it out without anything! A while back I decided that Len's is like my own personal stash. It's all mine, really. They just keep it there for me and I can go whenever I need it (that's the catch, need, not want) to pick it up. They charge a storage fee though, but it's pretty reasonable.

My other favourite yarn store is called the Knitwit Studio in Fergus. The lady in the store is super knowledgeable and very helpful. I have seriously considered quitting my job and volunteering in her store, just to be around the yarn. She has some very beautiful, unique wools and other yarns. She will also draft patterns for stuff! I find that very intriguing. My mom gave me a book about knitting sweaters without a pattern. I haven't looked very closely at it yet, but I really like the idea of it. Knitting=Math and Math=Fun therefore, Knitting=Fun. Yaay! everybody loves math.


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