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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Deep Thoughts from a Short Brain

It has been so long since I posted that I almost forgot my blogger password. Actually, I'm surprised I even remembered it. Speaking of remembering, do you remember that manos hat I was going on about all that time ago? The colour part started off a little shaky. If most brain waves are sine functions, I had a cosine brain wave when I started following the colour chart. I started at the bottom right hand corner like a good little knitter, and read the first row. No problem. Once those six stitches were knit, I read the second row for the next six, and then the third row for the next six, and the fourth row for the next six, etc. I think I knit about 4 rows of the hat reading the chart like that before I realized that something was not right. It looked okay for most of it, but around my starting point there were some serious issues.

Looking back now I feel very silly but at the time it really did make sense. I also made a pair of felted mittens which were much less uneventful than the hat. I felted them both on Sunday evening and I am very pleased with how they turned out.

chapeau and mitts

I haven't worn them out in the cold yet but I am itching to, just to see how they perform. Speaking of short brains, it's lucky that I have such a teeny head, otherwise the hat would not fit!(Perhaps I'll post a picture of me in it some day!) We had to stretch it out over a round plastic container (which gave it a nice flat top and shape) so that it would fit me. I don't understand how it is supposed to take several trips through the washing machine to felt stuff. These things were in the machine for less than 10 minutes and I had to stretch them out because I didn't check them soon enough and they over-shrank. Maybe I'm using hot water instead of warm? Maybe the 'laws of physics don't apply in my washing machine' (I love My Cousin Vinnie) I don't know.

My prochaine project (Project Bruin) is a pair of mitts for my dad. It's his birthday next week and two weeks ago when we saw him, he commented several times on how he had received a hat for Christmas when he already had two perfectly good hats. BUT he has no mittens and didn't get any. He's a very subtle person.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Would you Look at that!

Six whole votes! Wow! Thanks guys, I really appreciate it and I promise not to ask anymore questions for at least...a week. To be quite honest, I have at one point in my life lived with at least four of those people (I don't think I've ever lived with Aven or Bridget, but correct me if I'm wrong), but that's okay, everyone counts! The finally tally is 4 for the yays and 2 for the nays. Sorry nays, maybe next time. (Oh, and Mike, I'm *really* glad you have internet at work now so you can give me your opinions. ;) Maybe we'll just do all our communicating this way from now on) Since I had to do something while waiting for you lovely people to vote, I have started those mittens (boy they are quick!) and I'll keep you updated once I start the chapeau.
Speaking of chapeaus, Tom Cochrane is on TV right now on the Canada for Asia show and I think he could use a chapeau, or a haircut... and what's really fun is he just said 'hats off' to someone!! I'm glad Lisa is able to post from out west because if you were stuck with only me for a week you might have scratched your eyes out. Or maybe you would have stopped reading.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Just Supposin' I do This

Know how sometimes you have a big plate of spaghetti for supper and then after you feel like you haven't eaten anything? That's how I feel right now. I went ahead and finished those socks, since there didn't seem to be the overwhelming positive response to the toeless sock idea I presented earlier in the week.
B&L socks
I wore them all day yesterday and felt really guilty because wearing them will RUIN them. I don't think I'll ever make fancy schmancy socks because if plain old jane B&L wool socks make me feel guilty, how the heck could I ever wear Fleece Artist wool socks??

My new project needs some input from you, dear people. Sometimes when I am scrolling through blogs I see the writer has asked a question and not one person has put a response in their comment box. I find this very sad, but not sad enough for me to actually write anything. Although a few fine people did answer my toeless sock question (I do wish to thank them very much) so maybe I shouldn't be so worried. But for this question, don't be shy, and don't be like me, careless and thoughtless. I want your opinion, even if that opinion is "If you don't answer my question, why should I answer yours?" (Although, that would be more of a taunt than an opinion so I might tell you that your mother was a witch and your father smelled of elderberries in that case.) I want to make this hat (if you can't see it in the picture, it is a felted cloche from Knit One, Felt Too) using the Manos wool that I got for my birthday way back in September with some of the wool from Lismore.

cloche yarn

The problem is, I made a little felted swatch (against my poor judgment at the urging of my mother, because I would have just 'winged it') and I don't know if the colours are as nice now.

felted manos

The more I look at it, the more I think it is okay, but I'm not sure. If you have experience with felting variegated wool or you like/hate the picture of it felted, I would adore it if you would leave a little message. In the mean time, I'll be making some felted mittens out of some of my Patons Classic Wool.

Friday, January 07, 2005

An Experiment and Question

I have been playing with Flickr because I was tired of only being able to post one picture at a time. So...there should be three pictures before you. One is a picture of the wool and eyelash from Spinrite factory. Nice colours, huh? The other is a picture of the gifts from Ami and Carol of Knitting Knights. The burgundy wool is from Lismore Sheep Farm in Nova Scotia, where Ami spent Christmas. The little blue bag is full of wonderful Jasmine-smelling bath salts from Carol. You can't see it in the picture, but she actually sewed plastic wrap inside the fabric. Kind of a unique technique, wouldn't you say?

Aside: I can't see the pictures in this little box, but when I look at the HTML code, the link is there. It's kind of freaking me out. If there are no pictures in this post, pretend my writing is descriptive enough that you know *exactly* what I'm talking about.

Finally, the third pictures is that sock that was supposed to be for a man, but that fits me. I've also notice this real trend towards fingerless gloves and I was wondering...if I started a new toeless sock trend, would anyone else follow? I guess that's the meaning of a trend, right, that people follow? But would you join a toeless sock - a - long? Just wondering if I have to finish this thing.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

With Spring Just Around the Corner...

It's time to do some cleaning! I haven't been knitting for a year and I already have a disgraceful amount of yarn in this teeny house. My excuse: I'm slow. And...I cannot physically resist a good deal. Last week we went to the yarn factory outlet in Listowell and I found 10 balls of UpCountry in plum for $20 and 10 balls of some crazy eyelash stuff for $15. How could I resist? Indeed, I could not. What am I going to do with another 20 balls of yarn you ask? Well. The eyelash yarn I'm not so sure about. Somebody(s) will be receiving a pair of the monster slippers from SnB Nation which may take up quite a bit of it and the rest will be divided among other exciting projects that I haven't yet thought of. The UpCountry, however, is going to be my pet project. I have decided to design and knit a sweater with the help of Knitting in the Old Way. I am both scared and excited at the prospect of the project. There is a bit of a dilemma as to whether I should start the sweater immediately or whether I should get some little projects out of the way and thereby reduce the pile of yarn that is taking up the spare/sewing room. Tell you what, I'll get all of this silly stuff figured out in my head next time, instead of making you read it, okay?

Just one more thing about the sweater and then that's it until I have 'The Plan'. Mike is interested in the whole 'design' aspect of knitting (He refuses to learn how to actually knit even though he sometimes works nights and has nothing to do but waste perfectly good knitting time. But I digress.), but I think I'm going to try and make this sweater a 'joint' project. Do you think it could work? I usually try to involve him in the design aspect anyway by asking him math questions (That I could figure out on my own, but that kind of thing is pretty anti-social and I should probably talk to him every few hours, if he's around.) but with this it would be like a major get out the graph paper thing. Then I could convince him that I need a computer program for it and he would get all excited and write one and then we could start a business, him designing and Lisa and I knitting!! It would be awesome.

Reality Check. Whew, I got pretty excited there, sorry. In other news, Lisa added the 'Knitters Without Borders' button to our site. That girl is a smartie-pants, I tell ya. As well, we both received personal thank you notes from the Harlot herself. How exciting is that! Reading the DWB site really made me think. Disasters are happening all of the time and so many of them are not 'natural'. I have a great respect for people who go to countries and risk their lives for people who have such a hard life. I have it so good.

(Warning: Really bad segue and little rantlet)Which makes people in this city who say "We NEED a Wal-Mart" seem even sillier. I was very disappointed to read this article. It's not really surprising since the OMB is a big scam, but still disappointing. I don't have anything against Wal-Mart(I wouldn't shop there), but nobody NEEDS Wal-Mart and so much time and money was wasted because they wouldn't build according to the city's official plan. Personally, I think that it's cool that we don't have one. This is my personal opinion only and if you're a Wal-Mart lover, be honest, you could live without it.