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Thursday, May 18, 2006

There's Jello in my Pampas

Actually, there's jello in all of the fancy grasses (including Pink and White Pampas) that Lisa gave me seeds for and I planted. Don't believe me? Look:


It's been raining so much here that the soil is going jello-y, but look at how well the grass is growing! You'll notice we got a fancy new camera and I am inept so there are many fuzzy areas. I'll figure it out.

I have to say I'm jealous of Lisa's sockapaloooza adventure. Making socks for someone else is really cool, but getting socks from a stranger is cooler!

Remember how Lisa is a captial K - Knitter? Well, I am a no k - nitter because I apparently don't know how to purl. I could never figure out why my stockinette stitch looked weird. I thought my gauge was off because I was purling too tightly, but it never seemed overly tight when I knitted those stitches. I told my MIL this and when she watched me purl, she saw that I was wrapping the yarn around in the wrong direction. In case you wanted to know, wrapping the yarn clockwise instead of counter clockwise results in something that looks like this:

Wonky, huh?

My current project is this:
The Retro Rib socks from IK (Winter 2004) using some Fleece Artist. I started these last week and had hoped to have them finished by this weekend, but that is not going to happen.

A few weeks ago Lisa and I went away with some Scrap booking ladies and spent the weekend eating, knitting, talking, and relaxing. It was a great time! Lisa took me for a run on the beach and it felt so good, but I have not continued the practice. I will be very sorry come bathing suit weather.

while I am making confessions i feel i should admit that while i was in the area last week, i made a trip to the yarn mecca (you know where i mean) and purchased some up country at an alarmingly low price. i have been so good at sticking to the stash, but i really couldn't resist, honest.


  • At 4:45 a.m., Anonymous Cookie said…

    I used to purl wrong too. Wait, no, I used to *knit* wrong. Which made me a purler? Love the sock and am jealous of your easy access to Fleece Artist.

  • At 9:01 a.m., Blogger lisa said…

    I think that I decided that I wasn't a capital K knitter, but I was a sock knitter. But you can call me a capital K knitter, I don't mind!
    And as for yarn mecca, it's really hard to resist the pull of upcountry. That's what you're making your sweater out of, right?


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