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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shrug it off, baby!

I'm back. And this time I mean it. It was a long and very un-knitting productive winter (except for a bunch of slippers at Christmas) but I have found some motivation and plan to run with it! We have finished moving, but not unpacking, and I love my new house. I discovered that leaving your first house is like leaving your first love. It's sad to see it go, but at some point you realize that it just can't give you what you need anymore. Plus, there's that great big house over there that you're DYING to get to know and the bank doesn't want any flirting happening until the first house is gone.
In real knitting news, my most recent project is a little hat, but it's not very exciting so I'll show you some pictures of a project that needs to be frogged. I have wanted a little shrug for quite some time, so I finally chose a pattern (the Minisweater or boobholder from Glampyre Knits) and used some yarn I got for Christmas from my Owen Sound sister (the wool/silk blend from The Ginger Press). Just a note about the yarn before I show you the pictures. It is lovely. So soft and the colour is amazing. There is also just the right about, plus a little extra, to make the shrug, but I think the ball is labelled wrong. It says there is 100 g, but I weighed it and there is 200 g and likely more like 400 yards. Maybe there is something else going on that I don't understand, please tell me if there is! Anyway, I like the pattern, but I don't think I made the right size. The back is too loose and the front looks funny because it's too big. Judge for yourself!
Side view:
Front view:
Back view:
Actually, now that I look at those pictures, a few thoughts come to mind:
The shorter (left side) sleeve looks a lot better than the longer sleeve...
I don't really like the puffyness of the sleeve...
The crossover on the front probably works if you have boobs but...
I don't know what Mike was doing with the camera when he took that picture, but it actually looks like I have boobs...
I have freckles on the backs of my arms?
It's really time for a haircut.


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