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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Forget Moths...

Beware of Dogs, because they like to eat yarn too!
dog fight
It was my own silly fault for leaving them on the floor with my shoes when I knew there was a puppy in the house. Luckily none of the actual mitten was damaged, just the cuff. After Christmas I will have them all fixed up.

In other knews, I have found that knitting that last shawl has given my knitting a new life and speed! I have finished several projects in the last two weeks that I will now share with you. I give you.... the FO Parade!!

These are slippers for my SIL who lives with us. I used some yarn of unknown composition that I purchased at the yarn factory outlet last year. I think there is some wool in it but it is very soft and was quick to work with. I used a White Buffalo slipper pattern (with alterations, of course) and size 5 needles. I could have gone up a needle size but this way they are nice and toasty. They were started on November th 28th and finished on December the 3rd.
baby things
Baby hat and booties for a new baby that will probably be too big for these by the time I see him. But boy were they fun to knit! I used Patons Lacette but I bought it before it was released at the Yarn Factory outlet. I don't think they released the yarn in the green but I think they should have because it is a great little baby colour and very soft for little baby things. The bootie pattern came from here and the hat pattern I made up. I didn't write down any of the details so I don't know anything else. Except they're cute!

divine mitts
These mittens don't look like this anymore because now they're finished! But I'm too lazy to take another picture and upload it, blah blah blah. I used some acrylic that I got from Karen over a year ago mixed with some Patons Divine that I have had for a year as well. I used size 7 dpns and made up the pattern as I went along. They are very soft and warm and I hope they will behave well for their recipient.

Did you see the pattern there? I am using up stuff from my stash and it makes my heart feel good to do that. I think my next project will be a hat from this book that I purchased with a gift certificate from my birthday. Or maybe it will be something from the new Knitty which I LOVE! A BIG congratulations to Cookie for her fancy-lookin' sock pattern and creative photos! Someday when I'm a real knitter I will try them. I love this and this and this (without the buckle) and especially this and this. Wasn't that annoying that you had to click all those links to find out what I like?

I'm not sure when we will hear from Lisa, she is having some tough times after moving into a maybe-too-small-but-didn't-know-it-was-too-small apartment. We are thinking of you!


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