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Monday, November 14, 2005

This Could be Fun!

I love a challenge. After reading Lisa's post yesterday, I called her to make sure she was okay because crying while knitting does not sound okay. She said she was feeling better, but how could she feel okay, with only 2 weeks until the wedding and two shawls left to knit out of matrix (AKA shitrix)? I knew what I had to do. I ran out to Lens and picked up some shitrix to make one more shawl. For the past day I have been knitting in my free time, and that's all. I've never knit so fast or been more dedicated. I can't believe my productivity! If I did this all the time I'd be cranking out knitted stuff like you've never seen. I am 3.5 repeats through, with 8 left to go, and 11 days until the wedding. In mathematical terms, that means I have to knit like a demon if I'm going to get this thing done. Stay tuned, I might actually keep you updated!!
scarf V2


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