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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Procrastination Station

Unfortunately, the shawl progress is stuck. At the 11th repeat. When we were doing 12 repeats I was okay, but that 13th repeat will kill me, KILL ME I say. I was supposed to have it finished and sent to work with Mike yesterday to give to his dad where Lisa can pick it up Friday night. I will send it tomorrow instead and hope the timing works out perfectly. In hindsight you will probably wish we had used wool to knit these shawls, Lisa. Not only because of the matrix hassles but because of the snow. It's very winter-ish out there!
I must go do laundry, it is taking over our bedroom. I don't know who sneaks into our house and puts their dirty clothes into our pile, but I wish they would STOP! Doing laundry requires me going to a laundromat since the bathroom installation of 2005 is not complete and I have no laundry facilites in my house. I do however have a shower and sink in my downstairs family room, which is really not as charming as it sounds.


  • At 5:39 p.m., Blogger lisa said…

    You can stop at 12 repeats, and we'll just put some longer fringe on it. No one will no the difference! Plus, I can give that one to the shortest person. Hee hee.


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