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Thursday, October 20, 2005

What do you know about PRESSURE??

Lisa and I had a little chat and we decided that I had until tonight to post or else. I couldn't remember what the 'else' was until I began to write this and now that I remember, I'm glad I'm here. I have been thinking about what 'funny' things to write all day but nothing has come to me, so this will be dry. Better keep your pants on.
I have some completed projects for you! The first photo is of a pair of socks that I started waaaaay back before that little season I like to call summer.
They have been finished for weeks, I just have to weave in the ends, which I will likely do tonight. Or maybe not. I used the Kroy Socks pattern on the Patons website. I don't seem capable of making socks to fit me. They get long enough for me, and then I start the toe. By the time they're finished, they will fit Mike the 'I don't want handmade socks' Husband. The colour stripes don't quite match up and somehow I managed to graft the toe on the first sock (on the right side) sideways so it's all gimpy. At least there won't be any exposed skin and that's what really matters.
This second picture is the Tivoli T hanging on the line next to the skirt that I made with my new sewing machine. (Sorry the picture sucks, but if I had taken it straight on you would have seen some gitch, and who wants to see that, really?) I decided to call my machine Oh Brother. Partly because it is a Brother make, and partly because I say Oh Brother a lot when I'm sewing. Now I can say that I was talking to the machine and not making mistakes.
tivoli T
I managed to finish the Christmas stocking in less than a month. I am quite pleased with myself for having it finished well before it needed to be done. I had visions of madly knitting on Christmas Eve after putting it off for so long. I started it on August 19 and completed it on September 20.
stocking done!
I have named this the Club Foot stocking because trust me, this thing would fit a club-footer. I did a loot-test on it and found that it will fit 13 balls of Patons classic. That would be a nice thing to find in a stocking, wouldn't it? Thanks to Lisa's excellent lessons the seaming is awesome! You can hardly tell there is a seam along the back.
Also thanks to Lisa (did you catch that segue, did YOU?) I have this beautiful scarf. A package arrived in the mail several days before my birthday and it was all I could do to wait the three days until my birthday. Every time I walked by it I shook it and smelled it to see if I could determine its contents. I was so shocked when I opened it because I had seen it before! Lisa showed it to me when she was working on it and I had no idea who it was intended for. That sneaky girl. This picture really shows off the colours well, I think.
birth scarf
Finally, I am just about finished the shawl (did you notice I spelled that 'shall' in another post. I am genetically inclined to spell poorly, that's my excuse) for Lisa's sister and I will be VERY glad to be done with it. After the first row I thought I was in BIG trouble and seriously wondered if I had made a mistake offering to do one, but now it's not too bad. I do not enjoy working with Bernat Matrix, Sam I am. Next on the agenda is the Up Country sweater I started in the spring and mittens, fingerless gloves, and hats, oh my!
ps sorry about the long post Ami, I know you hate having to read so much ;)


  • At 11:27 a.m., Blogger lisa said…

    Yay, Denise! I knew you hadn't been attacked by wild boars and polar bears.
    Seriously though, I was just looking for some good blog fodder, and I knew you'd pull through for us. And, let it be known forever and ever that I HATE BERNAT MATRIX too.


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