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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hey Santa, Stuff THIS!

What you are looking at is maybe the most gimpy, crazy-assed stocking you have ever seen. Everything was going fine until I got to the foot and then, well, I don't know what happened but I do know that somebody is going to have to fix it. I am using this pattern except with 80 stitches cast on, size 5mm needles, and some of the squeekiest acrylic you have ever seen. How do people use this stuff?? I forgot to do the decreasing after I turned the heel so the instep and heel don't (what's the right word? oh yes) have a chance in hell of fitting together!! At this point, I am not going back on that heel because that wouldn't be 'fun' and that's what knitting is all about, fun. I think I will have to rip out the decreasing I did on the instep to make it fit with the heel, because that's not really a whole lot of ripping. I predict that when I am done, it will be super-fantastic! mwah!
This is my first attempt at colour knitting and I am pretty happy with the results. I would have knit the whole thing in the round, because I don't have any problem knitting socks, but I couldn't get my head around how I would get the yarn from one side of the letter on one row to the other side of the letter on the next row in the round. Does that make sense? Anyway, I think it turned out okay. I drew the letters on some graph paper before hand and most of them were easy. If I had it to do over again, I would do the N a little differently. I had a bit of a time figuring out the S and it turned out very puckered but I think with a little blocking it will look fine for the 12 hours a year it will be used!
I don't recall having posted a picture of this sweater I made for a little cutie who turned 1 back in May. I was going to post it under a heading of 'Look Ma, No Seams!' but never did. It is a little big for him, but maybe by now it fits him. The button band did not turn out as well as I would have liked since I wasn't sure how many stitches I should be picking up.
bray sweater
On the knitting horizon, I have volunteered to knit at least one of the shalls that Lisa requires for her sister's wedding in November. Hopefully I'll have that started by the end of the week. I also have a heavenly blend of camel and silk, compliments of the Rebecca and the Sudbury market (Who knew you could find such things in Sudbury?) to transform into something small.
Coming soon: Proof that Lisa's Tivoli (Actually, it seems now to be called Picovoli and is at MagKnits, not Grumperina. Whatever, it rocks.) T-shirt looks a LOT sexier than mine. BUT... does it make her look stronger?


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    Did you know that your 'super-fantastic' comment leads you to a 'super-fantastic' blog about shoes? There were some very lovely shoes there indeed!!



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