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Friday, April 08, 2005

This is where we chant "It's All Your Fault!"

NOTE: I wrote this post last night, and then evil blogger wouldn't let me post it. Thankfully I had saved it before hitting publish so I didn't lose it. I should note that I did buy the VK (because I am weak) and a chocolate bar (ditto) and I am going to have one heck of a party here by myself tonight. Also, there are no pictures of mini roses because how many plants do you really want to see on a knitting blog in one day?

I'll begin with the knitting 'news' I have. I haven't worked on my sweater since the weekend, but I started another springy bag, this time I'm making a button hole bag. I'm going to wait to fix the other bag I made until I felt the new one. The old one needs a little more felting before I cut it to sew it together, like Lisa suggested. And now, for the sexiest male knitting model you've ever seen. Look forward for more of these in the coming weeks. My Grandma gave me this pattern book over Easter, and boy are the pictures fun! I like how he has half of his hand in the pocket, and not the whole thing!

Ami brought over the new VK and Family Knitting on Tuesday. I had seen the VK and didn't think anything interested me, but after looking at the patterns again on the website, I think I might get it. We shall see! I am feeling very much like knitting with cotton now that it is spring. I have so much wool to get used up though, that I really shouldn't be in the yarn market. Talking to Lisa makes me feel guilty too, that girl is on a pretty serious yarn fast. If she is going without, I feel I should too. I BLAME YOU LISA, DARN YOU!
In other, more exciting news, things in my garden are growing!! This is my lupin which was subjected to a serious drought last summer and I wasn't so sure about its chance of survival. I am terribly excited. Maybe tomorrow I’ll show you my mini roses!
On the subject of plants, this is my orchid, which has sprouted a leaf from the flower stalk. Now there is a little nib thing coming off the side. I'll keep you posted, if it starts growing eyes I think I'll get rid of it.


  • At 12:36 p.m., Blogger lisa said…

    That's one creepy orchid leaf. And, I'd like to point out that the one who should be receiving blame for the yarn fast is Richard. He's even made me organize my stash. I'll put up a picture sometime - it's not pretty.


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