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Friday, April 01, 2005

All of My Eggs in One Easter Bag

After receiving several threats from Lisa about not posting (with multiple exclamation points), I sat down last night to write an entry for the blog, with pictures and links and funny jokes and everything. It seems though that the joke was on me, since when I went to publish the post, it disappeared. But I'm not bitter. From now on I will be copying and pasting my posts into a word document BEFORE publishing so that I don't loose all my very hard work!
What have I been up lately you ask? Well, I am still working on my Up Country sweater. I am on version 3.0 right now. Version 1.0 was much too small, as you can see here;


The sweat shirt below it is just for size. I also decided to use a different pattern. The one I was using as a guide line was from knitty, but I decided I liked this one better;


Meeee-ow! ha ha, April fools. This is from The Woman's Day Book of Knitted Sweaters, circa 1976. My mom found it at a used book store and it actually has some nice sweaters. I'm not really using a pattern, I'm just following the instructions from Knitting in the Old Way for a Gansey. This is what it looks like now;


It's much bigger than the last one and is knitting very quickly. I should mention that version 2.0 involved knitting a row and then purling a row in the round. It just didn't look right.
The other thing I have yet to complete is my Easter bag. I worked so dilligently on it last week, all for naught. I'm not very good at the whole 'looking at the instruction' thing so I didn't do the decreases like the Sophie bag pattern says. So the straps don't line up and it's not very useful in its current state. I think I might buy some beaded straps and pinch the sides together to make it smaller. Here it is in all its gimpiness;


The purple and yellow is some Briggs and Little (which I LOVE, have I mentioned that before?) while the pink and green is White Buffalo that I had kicking around. Turns out that 2 strands of the B&L and three strands of the WB have the same gauge and felt at the same rate. I must admit that I totally lucked out there!
Well folks, have a very foolish day!


  • At 9:32 a.m., Blogger lisa said…

    Lovely! You've made it back to the blog just in time. I've decided that knitting is taking up too much of my time, so I'm quitting. Do you want my wool?

  • At 10:33 a.m., Blogger Denise said…

    Actually, we've fallen on hard times and have to sell the house, so I can't accept anymore at this time. booo hoooo

  • At 11:18 a.m., Blogger Rebecca said…

    You're both a laff-a-minute riot :)

    (but if you're serious Lisa, can I have your wool?)

    Oh, and the yellow looks very orangey in that picture. Maybe it's just the monitor, or maybe it's my eyesight, as I woke up blind in one eye and have only partial sight in the other.

  • At 3:42 p.m., Blogger lisa said…

    An idea for your Sophie - if you run it through the wash again, it should felt a bit more. Then, you can cut (eek! no worries, if it's good and felted you won't destroy it by cutting it) and sew it up to look more like you want it to.

  • At 10:11 p.m., Anonymous Mom said…

    What's with this middle of day posting? Don't you guys work? ;)


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