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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Unbalanced Equations

In 'good' houses, like Lisa's, most yarn equations would look like this:
Mass of Yarn purchased = Mass of Projects Cranked Out (or Mass in = Mass out)

In my house though, this equation is more like:
Mass in = 5(Mass out)

I give you exhibits A and B as proof.
Exhibit A: The yarn I have brought into the house recently. The Patons Classic was $4 a ball and I couldn't leave it. The grey and red will be a sweater and maybe hat/mitt accessories. The teal I bought because I liked the colour. The two balls of Lopi were $1 a piece and I couldn't leave them either. I think they will make nice felted slippers for mom. The rest of it I got at the Knitters Frolic. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the 4 balls I got from Shelridge Farms but the colours are so pretty! I think they will be nice for little things. The white and blue stuff is very thin stuff that may turn itself into a shrug and the cabled shawl.
Exhibit B: Two felted bags, a sock without a heel, and my sweater (which is now 3 balls of wool!!). PAAAAATHETIC. But there's so much potential in all my new acquisitions.
Anyways. This is a boring post. I've been working hours and hours and on Tuesday I had a chunk of my face removed (there was a mole in that chunk) so I haven't had much time to do any knitting. If you want to read something funny, go here and especially read this. I think I'm going to add her to our list, she's too funny!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Are You There Harlot? It's Me, Denise

Yesterday at the Knitter's Frolic, I saw you walk by and thought how cool it was so see someone famous. I wanted to buy your book anyway and decided that if I'm going to buy it, I should get it signed because that's even cooler. So I walked over and bought the book and stood behind the first person in line to wait for you to sign it. You were very friendly and charming and were chatting about things that you talk about on your blog. I felt like a stalker because I read your blog every day and know so much about you from reading the blog. I didn't know what to say because it was so strange standing next to you, IN PERSON! You were talking about wanting to write 'adult' books under the name 'Clementine' and I couldn't think of any funny last names to go with 'Clementine' and the only word in my head was 'Tangerine' and thank goodness I didn't open my mouth and actually say that. The person ahead of me was saying nice things like "I read your blog all the time" and "How is mr. washie?". Then you started talking about Mr. Washie, and that's when I opened my mouth and oh, how I wish I hadn't. You said that you couldn't get a new machine because the renovations you had done wouldn't allow a new (mrs. washie?) into the basement and mr. washie was stuck there forever. Then it happened. I started talking and I couldn't stop and the stupid words kept coming out and you were staring at me like a deer caught in the head lights and I really wanted to stop talking but I just couldn't. I wished I could have let my words just trail off into nothingness but other people were looking at me too and I couldn't just stop. It makes me cringe to think about this, but I suggested that you could put a new machine in the kitchen (not a bad idea, they do it in Britain) and I also made the suggestion that you could take mr. washie apart and use the innards to have fires in your back yard!! Who does that? Crazy hick people who also have bits of car around their property and 17 children running around with the chickens and pigs and other beasties. Why oh why did I think that it would be a good idea to suggest something so ridiculous. I would never in a million years think of doing it myself, so why would I suggest someone else (someone who is famous) consider it? I wanted to disappear into the floor and then you asked me what I had bought and I replied 'oh just some stuff' like a big loser because holy smokes someone who would suggest you have fires in you back yard (which I'm sure is illegal in downtown Toronto) could obviously have no taste when it comes to buying yarn. I don't think I can proof read this post because reading it over again will mean that it really did happen, even though I have been replaying it in my brain since it happened and had trouble falling asleep last night because I knew I was going to have to write this letter to you. You then had a very pleasant conversation with Ami about buying sock yarn to 'Take the edge off' and were laughing but I think you felt a little nervous because I was still standing there like a stalker. What I realy wanted to say to you, dear Harlot, is that I think you are amazing. You are an amazing writer who makes me laugh daily. You are an amazing knitter; how do you produce such beautiful garmets in such a short period of time? You also seem like a very caring and involved mom, which in itself is a full time job I would think. Your pants and hair were very Sarah Jessica Parker-esque and the shawl you were wearing was beautiful. Finally, good luck with your book tour. I read parts of the book last night while I was trying to fall asleep and it is very clever and funny, just like you.

Friday, April 08, 2005

This is where we chant "It's All Your Fault!"

NOTE: I wrote this post last night, and then evil blogger wouldn't let me post it. Thankfully I had saved it before hitting publish so I didn't lose it. I should note that I did buy the VK (because I am weak) and a chocolate bar (ditto) and I am going to have one heck of a party here by myself tonight. Also, there are no pictures of mini roses because how many plants do you really want to see on a knitting blog in one day?

I'll begin with the knitting 'news' I have. I haven't worked on my sweater since the weekend, but I started another springy bag, this time I'm making a button hole bag. I'm going to wait to fix the other bag I made until I felt the new one. The old one needs a little more felting before I cut it to sew it together, like Lisa suggested. And now, for the sexiest male knitting model you've ever seen. Look forward for more of these in the coming weeks. My Grandma gave me this pattern book over Easter, and boy are the pictures fun! I like how he has half of his hand in the pocket, and not the whole thing!

Ami brought over the new VK and Family Knitting on Tuesday. I had seen the VK and didn't think anything interested me, but after looking at the patterns again on the website, I think I might get it. We shall see! I am feeling very much like knitting with cotton now that it is spring. I have so much wool to get used up though, that I really shouldn't be in the yarn market. Talking to Lisa makes me feel guilty too, that girl is on a pretty serious yarn fast. If she is going without, I feel I should too. I BLAME YOU LISA, DARN YOU!
In other, more exciting news, things in my garden are growing!! This is my lupin which was subjected to a serious drought last summer and I wasn't so sure about its chance of survival. I am terribly excited. Maybe tomorrow I’ll show you my mini roses!
On the subject of plants, this is my orchid, which has sprouted a leaf from the flower stalk. Now there is a little nib thing coming off the side. I'll keep you posted, if it starts growing eyes I think I'll get rid of it.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Here Kitty, Kitty

I tried, I really did. I asked her very sweetly and petted her and everything, and this was her response.
It's kind of typical for Cleo. Anyway, it was a great idea and thanks for letting me know about it Lisa, you crack me up! I'll wait for my hand to heal before I try Toeni.
I need to go refill this
before the knitting girls come!

Friday, April 01, 2005

All of My Eggs in One Easter Bag

After receiving several threats from Lisa about not posting (with multiple exclamation points), I sat down last night to write an entry for the blog, with pictures and links and funny jokes and everything. It seems though that the joke was on me, since when I went to publish the post, it disappeared. But I'm not bitter. From now on I will be copying and pasting my posts into a word document BEFORE publishing so that I don't loose all my very hard work!
What have I been up lately you ask? Well, I am still working on my Up Country sweater. I am on version 3.0 right now. Version 1.0 was much too small, as you can see here;


The sweat shirt below it is just for size. I also decided to use a different pattern. The one I was using as a guide line was from knitty, but I decided I liked this one better;


Meeee-ow! ha ha, April fools. This is from The Woman's Day Book of Knitted Sweaters, circa 1976. My mom found it at a used book store and it actually has some nice sweaters. I'm not really using a pattern, I'm just following the instructions from Knitting in the Old Way for a Gansey. This is what it looks like now;


It's much bigger than the last one and is knitting very quickly. I should mention that version 2.0 involved knitting a row and then purling a row in the round. It just didn't look right.
The other thing I have yet to complete is my Easter bag. I worked so dilligently on it last week, all for naught. I'm not very good at the whole 'looking at the instruction' thing so I didn't do the decreases like the Sophie bag pattern says. So the straps don't line up and it's not very useful in its current state. I think I might buy some beaded straps and pinch the sides together to make it smaller. Here it is in all its gimpiness;


The purple and yellow is some Briggs and Little (which I LOVE, have I mentioned that before?) while the pink and green is White Buffalo that I had kicking around. Turns out that 2 strands of the B&L and three strands of the WB have the same gauge and felt at the same rate. I must admit that I totally lucked out there!
Well folks, have a very foolish day!