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Monday, March 14, 2005

Who's sexy now?

I'll begin with some knitting news. I have about 6 cm of my sweater knitted. I had to rip it out several times because I couldn't count for the knit 3 purl 3 ribbing. It is going to be so nice and I am so excited about it!
Something else exciting is my new laundry tub that my very handy husband installed today! We had a double concrete laundry tub that I liked because of its durability, however it leaked and made M crazy. So today, he went out and got a sledge hammer to break up the old tub and put in a new one. Not one leak. Now I want a new toilet and sink. He shouldn't have done such a good job!


  • At 4:47 p.m., Blogger lisa said…

    It looks like M has skills. Girls like guys that have skills.

    oh yeah, sleek wash tub!


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