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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mittens take a little

There may or may not be a picture to go along with this post, depending on whether or not flickr is back up by the time I am finished spewing. I have completed the SnB bag that will most likely go to my sister in law in Spain, but I haven't felted it yet. I think that the girls and I are going to do that next Tuesday since both Carol and Ami have stuff to felt and I feel really guilty just felting one thing at a time in a washer-full of hot water. Kind of like a knitting knight field trip, I guess you could say. I have also finished (minus the thumb) a mitten to match my felted Manos/Lismore hat. Now that I cut off all my hair and no longer have a pony tail, it fits all the time, and luckily it's still winter, so I still need it all the time! I haven't had a lot of time to knit this week, it has just been kind of busy. I am surprised that it only took me the week to make the mitten though. Very quick indeed. Plus, I think I'll have tons of yarn left over still. I used size 3.75mm needles and it seems like it will be nice and warm. I'll probably need to use them too since winter does not seem to be ending. I really don't think that we've had that bad a winter though, it seems like we had a little bit of cold but generally it wasn't bad. Am I just crazy? Some might say so, but I have come to realize this winter that I actually don't mind the cold at all. As long as I am dressed for it (which I usually am) I like being outside. Plus I love being able to wear long johns around the house when I get home from work. Somehow it would seem dirtier to take off my pants and just wear undies around in the summer. Long johns are much more civilized.
Soo.... Flickr still isn't up yet so I can't upload my pictures...what should we talk about...hmmm. I'm doing surprisingly well on my 'no yarn for lent' thing. I saw that Len's in Cambridge has raised their prices but I haven't yet been to Guelph, Kitchener, or Brantford to compare. A ball of Alafoss Lopi is now 6.40 I think, rather than the old 5.80. Everything else is similarly increased. I found in my stash that I have some White Buffalo wool in colours that will make a nice Easter/spring bag so I may not have to even buy any. That good, but quite booooring.
Speaking of boooring, Flickr is not up yet and I should not be up still. So I'll see you cats later, hopefully not 2 weeks later, but we'll see.


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