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Monday, March 07, 2005

Hey! I Want A Massage Too!

Flickr is having ANOTHER massage, so there will be no pictures of my finished mittens. There were almost no more pictures ever after my camera decided to jump out of my pocket while I was two stories up on a ladder on Saturday morning. Luckily it hit a plastic patio table on the way down before it thudded into the snow. I think the table broke the fall and it's as good as new! My previous camera, which jumped out when I was coming out of an attic onto a concrete floor, was not so lucky. I guess my camera is kind of like a canary in a coal mine, with the conclusion being that if I have to fall off a ladder, I should fall onto a snowy deck and not a concrete floor. (Watch what my mom writes after she reads that ).
Since my mittens are finished, I have finally decided to knit my sweater. It took a little bit of metal preparation to finally start, but I think I'm ready! I have decided to use this pattern, but put a decorative ribbing around the bottom, using my Knitting on the Edge book. I originally thought I would put a little heart or snowflake border, but I think I'll use one of their ribbings to keep the bottom from flaring or curling. I'm very excited about having a nice warm sweater for the spring!
I noticed a tulip coming up in one corner of my garden today. Unfortunately the rest of it is covered in 50 cm of snow. I've been so busy knitting this year that I haven't spent much time planning my garden. Usually I am being consumed by it at this point! I think I'm going to get a book that tells me what flowers make good dyes so that I can plant some of them. Any suggestions for good books?
My sister signed me up for a meme and I've been putting that off for a good long time. I'll have to get at it soon. There was also some exclamations after I said I cut my hair off. I'm not bald or anything. It's the Ramona Quimbly Age 8 haircut, but I grew out my bangs.


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