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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Would you Look at that!

Six whole votes! Wow! Thanks guys, I really appreciate it and I promise not to ask anymore questions for at least...a week. To be quite honest, I have at one point in my life lived with at least four of those people (I don't think I've ever lived with Aven or Bridget, but correct me if I'm wrong), but that's okay, everyone counts! The finally tally is 4 for the yays and 2 for the nays. Sorry nays, maybe next time. (Oh, and Mike, I'm *really* glad you have internet at work now so you can give me your opinions. ;) Maybe we'll just do all our communicating this way from now on) Since I had to do something while waiting for you lovely people to vote, I have started those mittens (boy they are quick!) and I'll keep you updated once I start the chapeau.
Speaking of chapeaus, Tom Cochrane is on TV right now on the Canada for Asia show and I think he could use a chapeau, or a haircut... and what's really fun is he just said 'hats off' to someone!! I'm glad Lisa is able to post from out west because if you were stuck with only me for a week you might have scratched your eyes out. Or maybe you would have stopped reading.


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