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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Who Said Anything About Being Good?

I love Christmas. My husband and I both have awesome families that we love spending time with and this weekend was no exception. Even though the driving between Guelph, Newmarket, and St. Catharines is sometimes a pain in the bee-hind, it is certainly worth it. Food is also very important to me at Christmas. On Christmas eve we would have meat pie at my mother's followed by a million cookies and plum pudding. This year, however, we were at Mike's parents where we had a turkey (Which I stuffed. Stuffing a turkey makes me seriously consider becoming a vegetarian. Twisting the wings, sticking your hand in it's dead carcus, pulling out the phallic neck, ewwwwww.). It was absolutely delicous. As soon as that thing comes out of the oven I return to being carnivorous. mm mmm. Then we had cherry cheesecake and pineapple mousse. Saturday night was turkey again at Pepe's house, Sunday was roast beef at Mike's grandparents', and Monday was meat pie (not the same kind of meat pie like Christmas eve though). How many meat pies does my Mother make you ask? Just two, one like my Pepe used to have and one like my dad used to have. They're both delicious.

I am very very excited by what you see in the picture. THREE knitting books and a swift and winder. How lucky can a girl be? Really. My Mother (who always goes a little crazy with the presents at Christmas) surprised me with the swift and winder. I mentioned that I had seen this set up when we went to Grand River Yarns and how cool it was so she set out to find one for me. She saw that they had them at Romni, so she sent them an email asking if she could get one. They said they had one and that they would put it aside for her until she phoned. So she phoned the next day and spoke to a very helpful gentleman there for quite a while about it and it was on her doorstep the NEXT DAY!! Isn't that a nice story? I thought so, and boy I'm glad it's mine. I spent all of my free time (between eating, churching, and shopping) winding every little bit of wool my sisters had at my mother's house and now I'm doing the same with mine.

That's a lot of information for now. Coming soon: Gifts for the kitchen and hopefully a picture of the stocking that Lisa miraculously produced!


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