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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Oh what a world, what a world...

I'm felting, I'm felting!

How cool is this?? I have Mike's golf shoe forms in the slippers (they're cedar, appropriate, huh?) and cereal boxes in the bags. Hopefully they'll dry soon so I can finish them tomorrow evening. That little pile of stuff at the corner of the table came out of the lingere bag with the knitting stuff. It kind of looks like the cats harfed up a wool-ball in the machine but I don't think that really happened. I've finished all of my Christmas knitting now. Just a couple of pair of slippers for the in-laws that I can finish next week and maybe some other things (pretty vague, huh?). I had initially thought that everyone would get something knitted, but that didn't quite pan out. I made a hat for my dad last weekend that I'm quite pleased with. I wanted it to have cables, but I couldn't find a pattern I wanted, so I made one up right out of my head! Someday I'll show you and give you the pattern, but not right now.
I must now begin the apologetic portion of the evening. I must say I'm sorry (especially to Lisa) for not posting for so long. There is no excuse. Once I hadn't posted for a while there was a downward spiral where the longer it went without me posting, the guiltier I felt... and so on.
I also have to apologize to Knitty for saying that their pattern was wrong, when in fact it was ME who was wrong. Barbara pointed out to me in a comment (thanks Barbara!) that there was supposed to be garter stitch between the cables. I think I have the whole 'cables' thing figured out now after knitting the hat for my Dad.
Well folks, if I don't see you, have yourself a wonderful Christmas and we'll have a little chat next week about all the cool things we've done over the holiday!


  • At 4:35 p.m., Blogger lisa said…

    Nice felting! That must have "felt good"! Oh, the puns I could come up with...


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