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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Ahem... ahem..

Everybody, please meet Ruby. She is my new stand mixer that Mike gave me for Christmas and she ROCKS. It's no bottle of cognac, but I'll take it! Tonight we made zucchini bread and on Christmas morning we made pancakes. Both turned out fabulous. Although that's not directly knitting related, I like to have little nibbly things to eat while I'm knitting and I feel that zucchini bread is a good nibbly-thing.
I realized that in yesterday's post I forgot to link everything, so here are those links! Romni, Grand River Yarns.
I didn't do any knitting yet today at all. I have a very clean bedroom, including closet and drawers, a clean floor, and a VERY clean fridge. yaay for Christmas vacation! Tonight I will get some knitting done before I fall asleep. Good night!


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