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Monday, November 08, 2004

More jack sprat mittens!

This is what I'm currently working on. I'm using some free yarn I got from Karen. She's super! This started out as mittens to match the hat Toeni modelled for you last night, but it has not turned out as planned. As I started to decrease on the second mitten, I looked at it and realized that I hadn't increased after the cuff like I had on the first mitten. Rather than ripping back to the cuff, I decided it would be smrter to just finish it and then make another two mittens to match these. Why? Because I like to make work for myself. Why? I don't know. The picture doesn't show the cute little 'rings' around the mitts very well. Trust me, they're cute. What's that you say? There are no thumbs on these mittens? Of course there are no thumbs. Little people don't need thumbs on mittens. In fact, I don't use the thumbs in my own mittens most of the time. And I'll never knit gloves. The segregation of fingers leads to cold hands.
It turns out that we couldn't go here this weekend because they wouldn't be home. Too bad for us! Either this weekend or next would be good for me, so I'll have to talk to all the girls and find out when is best for them.
How would you like to hear a little baking adventure? It's nothing compared to the 'Slow Cooker Fiasco', but there is a lesson to be learned. I decided to make some butter tart squares for Mike's birthday since he reportedly loves them and I hadn't ever tried them before. So I whipped some up on Friday night. The recipe called for raisins, but I decided that pecans would go well too. So I put some in. Unfortunately though, they had been hanging around the spice drawer and had picked up some of the garlic powder's bad habits. So the butter tarts are delicious but we have to pick out the pecans because they taste like a spice drawer.


  • At 10:38 p.m., Blogger lisa said…

    I love the hidden Simpson's reference!
    [sing-song"I am so smart, s-m-r-t"]

  • At 5:51 a.m., Blogger Cookie said…

    Hrm. Garlicy butter tarts... Sounds like it could be good. (I'm a big fan of garlic. Mmmm, garlic.)

    And nice yarn!!!


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