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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


It certainly had gotten very chilly out there the last couple of days. The wind was so strong today I was almost blown off a roof! It's not so bad up there when it's sunny and calm, but the windyness is scary.
I am so close to finishing my thrummed mittens I can taste it. I am going to start decreasing on my second mitten and then is just the thumb to be thrummed. I think I'll try to repeat that over and over while I do the thumb, just as a challenge. Picture me sitting and kitting whispering over and over, "Thrumming the thumb, thrumming the thumb, thrumming the thumb". That's even too hard to type. I'll probably end up with a mutant thumb if I do that. This will be my first thumb attempt. I made one mitten before, but I didn't get to the thumb since the mitten was so small it would only fit Rachelle and her carnie hands. She can finish it herself if she wants it!
I also am finishing that practice hat. I'm not happy with the p2 k2 ribbing in the devine. I think I'll make another couple of hats as practice using the devine with different stitches. Maybe a k1 p1 would work better. Anyway, you can bet that there will be lots of hats for Christmas this year! That's all I really feel like making right now, is mittens and hats. They are nice little quick projects that will use up some of my stash so that I can clean up the mess I have. (Sidebar: I have decided that I need to move my sewing room and kitting stash into the basement laundry area so that I have more room and so that I don't have to dismantle my sewing table each time we have guests. I supposed I could move the guest bed into the basement laundry area but there's no window and lots of concrete down there. I could tell guests that I am acting in solidarity with Martha.) Probably after Christmas I'll feel like making something like a sweater for myself. Right now I feel like I should be making stuff for others. I live in a dream world where I think that I'll be able to whip up dozens of mittens, slippers, and hats before Christmas to give to everyone. Even though it has taken me at least a month to make one pair of mittens and that's basically all I've been working on. I need less time for working and more time for production!!


  • At 10:14 p.m., Blogger Rebecca said…

    Hee! Rachelle's carnie hands! You'd better hope she doesn't read that!

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