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Sunday, October 31, 2004


The top 10 ways to have a spooktacular weekend:

10. Visit your best friend from high school and have just as much fun as you did back then.
9. Have your afternoon appointment on Saturday cancelled on Saturday morning giving you a surprise half day off!
8. Leave the house on Saturday morning in a t-shirt and not be cold, even though it's the end of October.
7. Go for lunch with your mother and younger sister in Waterloo and have the most delicious roast beef sandwich ever.
6. Buy the nicest pumpkin you've ever seen and only pay $2!
5. Spend some time at a nursery where everything is very cheap, with your husband who is actually not impatient (for once in his life - it was his idea to go!)
4. Buy some forsythia bushes that will give you privacy from your less-than-desirable neighbours.
3. Go to Toronto to visit your dear friends Richard and Lisa and have a delicious supper, watch Mean Girls (which was surprisingly funny!), and be treated to the best B&B breakfast you've ever had.
2. Spend the day with Lisa going to Lettuce Knit, Romni Wools, and Second Cup (to regroup after the wonder of Romni). Buy the most beautiful Fleece Artist Roving you've ever seen!
1. Watch The Princess Bride with your husband and two kippies while giving out candy to the little goblins and goblinettes!

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!!


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