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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Pride, Prejudice, and Projects

Tonight was supposed to be my night to complete my current projects, but it hasn't turned out as well as I had hoped. I finished the second mitten last night (thumb excluded) and realized while finishing it that I hadn't decreased properly on the first mitten. If I don't sit down and do something complicated all at once I forget what I'm doing. I took apart and fixed the first mitten tonight and started doing the thumb (which started out tricky, but really isn't) but now my eyes are too heavy to finish it! I am very happy with how the hat turned out, especially the pom pom! I bet mom is sorry she said she didn't want this one. If you happen to get this hat for Christmas, please believe I made it with you and only you in mind.

I was watching the first three P&P movies this evening while knitting. There was a while when I seriously watched these movies daily, but I have managed to make it several months without looking at them. If you are not in love with Colin Firth, then you have not seen this 6 hour extravaganza! Luckily it is broken into 6-1 hour sections.

Lisa is quite correct, c's blog is awesome! I hope she doesn't find out about ours until I actually know how to knit nice stuff. Hats and mitts are useful, but they are not pretty silk sweaters!


  • At 12:41 a.m., Blogger Cookie said…

    Eeek, I'm already here! (Can you tell I'm addicted?) I like the hat and mitten. I'm thinking about doing a thrummed mitten for the winter here. What'd you think about the knitting? My problem is that I don't have the right kind of yarn, and I'm not allowed to buy yarn right now. Stupid yarn diet.

  • At 6:12 p.m., Blogger Denise said…

    Yikes, I had better get my knitting muscles in shape! I found the mittens very easy to knit. Instead of using roving for the thrums however, I used bits of White Buffalo wool. I think that is the same as carded roving... but I'm not really sure. Maybe somebody smarter can help me out.


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